Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter


Powered by Electro-Chrome Technology, this racket is a real Heavy Hitter and a quality precise winner. This Super-Carbon racket has four reinforcement mesh panels: two at the head of the racket consisting of Titanium and Nickel, and two at the V shaped open area of the racket consisting of Titanium and Carbon. The racket is strung with Feather's X-Flex Strings. The Heavy Hitter puts all the latest technologies into one exciting racket.

The Heavy Hitter has created major interest in the squash media. Three British Open Junior Winners are proving the racket's incredible playability by winning the tournaments they compete in.

Strung Weight: 148 grams
Composition: 100% Carbon + 4 Reinforcement Mesh Panels (Titanium, Nickel, & Carbon) 

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